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"So in one particular word now, you

e doomed?" Debbie asked as she arranged the packet of syringes that she had on the shelf and sat opposite her friend who had a sullen look but still was feeding her mouth with an apple. Evie rolled her eyes.

"Can you try using some kind words for my current predicament? I mean, I am your friend." Evelyn said with a shattered look.

"Darling, I don know what to say. But the excuse that you have given is quite okay yet Shaft isn a fool. He might know the truth just by glancing at your facial expression. You don know how to lie." She exposed her.

"Now thats my weakness but that chicken brat was so annoying. If you were to say the way she was behaving, you would have thought that she is the queen of the universe. She insulted me right in the face, and disregarded her fellow women…what am I even saying? They are all the same. I am the only exception among them. She started rubbing her hand all over Ryans shoulder as if she owned him. Like come on, he is a grown man…"

Debbie plumped her lips while watching her friend get all worked up and confused about what she was actually talking about without realizing it.

"So, why exactly are you getting worked up over someone who isn related to you or even your boyfriend? The two of them are together, she is the Mayors daughter and the damn rich king of Country A. They suit each other and its no ones business. Their behavior shouldn be new to you. A spoiled brat will always behave like a spoiled brat, the only problem we are having is your problem with Shaft but that aside, how rich is Ryan Anderson?" Debbie was suddenly in the mood to listen to her gist.

Evelyn sat up from her plump position in an energetic position to start talking.

"Very…very rich…"


"Hold on." Debbie interrupted as she picked up the head of the telephone to answer the incoming call.

"Hello…emergency? All right, is Doctor Hailey around? Okay, I am on my way." Debbie put down the phone and stood up quickly, she wore her white robe while Evelyn just watched in awe.

"There is an emergency and my superior isn around at the moment, Evie. Just stay in here, it won take long and I will be back before you know it. I love you." With these words left for Evelyn, she dashed out of the office. Evelyn threw her hands in the air.

"Just great, my friend has a competent and life-worthy job while I do this stinking one just to live and protect the ones I love. Can life get any worse than this?"


Back in the long dining hall, Ryan was still sitting in the same spot that he had been sitting in since the fight. His eyes were closed and so were his lips shut tight while Mandarin sat on the chair adjacent to him. Her legs were crossed against each other revealing her thigh.

"Ryan, won you talk to me? You have been silent for a long time now and you are not even willing to stand up from your seat. What is wrong?" She asked carefully.

Ryans eyes snapped open immediately and he turned his head toward her direction.

"Don you need to visit your parents for an important meeting? Don miss it, you can leave."

"Excuse me?" She was stunned. Not that it was surprising to hear this from him but the vibe was different.

Ryan closed his eyes again and did not bother his mouth repeating the same words. With a little embarrassment showered upon her, she stood up fiercely and walked away with her phone in her hand. Luckily, she had no handbag but if she had brought one with her, she normally wouldn mind leaving it at his place and instead coming back for it.

When Ryan could no longer hear the clicking of her furious heels, he stood up from his seat and opened his eyes. As he began to head to the sitting room, Coconut followed behind like a strict lecturer but in this case, it was the opposite…he was the strict student.

"Boss, we were not able to choose anybody who can cook for you today because the mistress was angry. What do you suppose we do?" He asked as they walked out of the dining hall. Ryan looked at him and dipped his hand into his pocket to bring out his phone.

After pressing a few smart buttons, he placed the phone on his ear before speaking.

"Are you around?... I am coming over for dinner." He puts his phone back into his pocket. Coconut nodded since he had already gotten the meaning of what he wanted.

"I might not be back early."

"Yes, boss."

He stepped out of the gigantic mansion and entered the self-driving car before zooming out of the whole compound. Coconut sighed and looked around, the water springs were performing their work as they ought to and so was the place neat.

A young man came to meet him, "Ben, there is a huge problem with the deal we had with a company. They have complaints about our designs."

*What? Lead the way." Ben AKA Coconut instructed and they went back in.



"Who is it?" A young lady from within asked.

"Will you open the door and stop asking unreasonable questions? My feet are sore from standing already, damn it!" Evelyn scolded and the door was immediately opened by a girl who had a bright smile on her face. She had short black hair and fair golden eyes. She was almost as tall as Evelyn herself. She collected the bags from her and closed the door after Evelyn had entered.

The apartment was a two-room type located on the far side of Central City. It wasn a deserted place but only a few people knew about such an area or a community to exist because of their lackadaisical attitude towards technology. This was the perfect spot that Evelyn had considered safe for her siblings. She would come to visit them once a month during the night to avoid getting seen by unknown forces and then return to her house at midnight. She didn want to mingle their lives with hers and didn want them to be affected in any way because of her.

Evelyn was greeted with the sight of her twin sibling playing games with someone she supposed was his friend. He was putting on headphones and wouldn stop yelling as he played. She raised an eyebrow at his twin Samantha and the latter just shrugged and sat down.

Evelyn removed the headphones and allowed them to slap his ears.

"Ouch, it hurts." When he turned, he saw his elder sister looking down at him questioningly and he smiled nervously.

"Big sis, you sure are looking so pretty tonight. What have you been involved in these days?" He asked to divert the issues from him. Evelyn collected the game player from his hand and his face turned bitter as he stared at it longingly as if it was the bread of life to him.

"Don try changing the topic. Have you done your assignment?" Evelyn asked.

"Who said I haven ?"


"Wait, what?" He looked at his sister who only winked at him and he felt like beating her up and then molding her into a ball.

Bert and Sam looked the same, they were twins and their identities were hard to figure out who was who when they were little because Sam would totally fit into being a tomboy during her childhood and wore most of Berts clothes. But now growing up into teenagehood, she was getting all girly and Bert had his hair dyed to fit the color of his eyes. They were both sixteen years old.

"I knew that you can never keep a secret. Don mind her, Sis, I have done my assignments. So how are you doing?" He asked.

"I am alright." She slumped on the chair.

Bert went through the things she brought for them and picked the ones he considered were for him. Evelyn watched them banter throughout and would smile as they insulted each other playfully. This made her feel reality…she was happy to be in their midst, it just wasn home without the two.

"Sis, is Mr. Shaft still telling you to do the dirty work?" Sam asked as she tore a packet of her chin chin and poured some into her mouth.

"Well, he isn disturbing me that much. All I have to do for him is little and easy to accomplish so you two don have to worry about this big sister of yours."

"Don worry, sis, when we grow up and finally get a good paying job, we will definitely reward you for all your care…"

"And you won regret being here for us," Sam added.

Evelyn nodded, "I trust you both."

They had a little bit of fun and she prepared to leave but before then, she checked their rooms and made sure that they had enough things for use and consumption. She also had a detailed private conversation with each of them before leaving.

Tomorrow was going to be another day for her and she was unaware of what it might hold for her.

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