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On top of Zhao Yuhengs flying fortress, all the new lords looked at the flying fortress that was chasing them from behind with grave expressions.

“I didnt expect the other party to chase us so quickly.

If I had known earlier, I would have retreated earlier.

Im afraid its going to be a little dangerous now.”

“Thats right.

However, no one expected the other party to chase us so quickly.

Its still a little unexpected.

However, we should be able to deal with them.”

“Now, we can only hope that we can leave this place before the enemy successfully encircles us.

Otherwise, we might be in some danger.”

Looking at the large army of invading lords and the large number of aerial soldiers chasing after them, the eyes of the new lords on the aerial fortress flickered slightly.

A hint of fear appeared on their faces.

After all, no one had expected that the invading Lord Alliance would actually choose to directly chase after them.

Based on their initial expectations, the invading Lord Alliance and the troops would choose to put out the fire first.

This way, they would be able to take advantage of this opportunity to quickly escape.

However, who would have thought that the invading Lord Alliance and the troops would directly choose to chase after them and ignore the situation of the burning flames in the city.

This situation caused them to panic.

After all, if the surrounding invading lords and soldiers surrounded them, they would still be in great danger.

Therefore, before that, they had to quickly escape.

However, Zhao Yuhengs flying fortress wasnt flying very fast.

It was likely that they would be caught up very quickly.

Meanwhile, Ren Qis extremely powerful army looked dispirited at this moment.

Clearly, it was impossible for them to erupt with any powerful combat strength in a short period of time.

Such a situation was already very difficult for them.

Hearing this, Luo Ming said, “What are you saying Are you all complaining about boss Ren Qi now If it wasnt for Boss Ren Qi, would you be able to achieve your current achievements”

“What are we now We have directly invaded the core of the Lords Alliance and occupied the Core Cities of the Lords Alliance.

We have plundered all the resources there.

who could achieve such a feat”

“If it werent for Boss Ren Qi leading us, we would only be able to carefully watch the news of Fujii Izu and Cherry Blossom Alliance being destroyed in our respective territories.

Then, we would tremble at the news of the Lords Alliance being invaded.”

“The current situation is already pretty good.

I dont think that we can ask for anything more.

Even if we are surrounded, we can still escape even if we give up our troops.”

“Over a thousand new lords troops in exchange for such a battle record.

I think that its very worth it.”

Hearing Luo Mings words, the eyes of the surrounding new lords flickered slightly.

If one were to look at the entire situation, that was indeed the case.

Such a battle record wasnt worth it.., it could be said to be extremely outstanding.

However, that was from everyones point of view.

It was from the perspective of the overall situation.

These troops were, after all, their branches.

If they were to abandon them, the losses of their branches would be extremely serious.

To the soaring dragon new suzerains alliance, or to all the new suzerains in the Black Fog.., this was extremely friendly news.

However, to them, this news was somewhat cruel.

Looking at the gazes of the surrounding new lords, Ren Qis gaze flickered for a moment.

Then, he smiled and said, “Dont worry, everyone.

Things wont develop to the point where we have to abandon our troops and run for our lives.”

“Everyone, believe me.

Ill definitely lead everyone out of here safely.

Moreover, I guarantee that your troops wont lose much.”

Hearing Ren Qis words, the eyes of all the surrounding new Lord ranked individuals flickered, and smiles appeared on their faces.

If it was anyone else who said this, even Zhao Yuheng would feel a lot of unease in their hearts.

However, when Ren Qi said these words, it made everyone believe in him.

There was nothing they could do.

The results that Ren Qi had led them to were simply too high.

With such results, all of the new lords believed Ren Qis words without a doubt.

Hearing Ren Qi say that they could safely evacuate their troops, smiles appeared on everyones faces.

Zhao Yuheng raised his brows slightly as he looked at Ren Qi, a hint of doubt appearing on his face.

Under such circumstances, Zhao Yuheng could not see any hope.

The only feasible method was to wait until they were a certain distance away before directly choosing to abandon the surrounding troops and let them cover the rear, then, they would retreat.

However, he did not expect Ren Qi to actually say that he had other methods.

Zhao Yuheng did not know if Ren Qi really had other methods or if he was just comforting the new lords around him.

However, under such circumstances, it seemed that he could only trust Ren Qi.

Ren Qis gaze landed on the aerial troops of the invading lords chasing them from behind, and he frowned slightly.

These fellows were really unwilling to give up.

They planned to pester them relentlessly.

When his gaze landed below, the large army of the invading suzerain alliance was continuously chasing after them.

As long as the aerial troops of the invading suzerains in the sky could surround Zhao Yuhengs aerial fortress in the sky, the large army of the invading suzerain alliance below would be able to quickly catch up, after which, they would launch an attack from below on the Flying Fortress in the sky.


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