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I was summoned to another world, but I abandoned my hero mission Prologue

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Everything was destroyed, what was once a beautiful world, full of trees, plants, docile animals and fresh air, had become chaos, everything was hot, fire was everywhere, gigantic craters, deserts, monsters everywhere

At the center of the world, there were just a few people, all surrounding one common person.

A short girl with white-green hair, Vittalis, speaks

-Please give up, no problem, well forgive you, we can all get along again

-Tsc, ** you bitch, if you can kill me, then I should just recover and kill them first

Who answers is the man who is on the ground, all bloodied, with his armor shattered, his body full of cuts, his arm missing, and his fiery red hair, dirty with earth, this man is Emmon

-I kill them, then I take this world for myself, I don even need to rebuild it, it has already become a paradise greater than that filth


e right Emmon, we are weak- Says Sadoc, a tall man with short white hair, with a long white and gold tunic- We can kill you, and well probably regret it for the rest of our lives, but we

e going to stop it- it

Next to her, a woman with black hair, white and red clothes, with gray details, begins to recite a spell.

-O mater terra circumdans nos, da industriam tuam, ut hunc hostem tuum…


-prohibere queam, ne te interimat, eumque in perpetuum vinciat.

The crystal the woman was holding began to glow brightly, a glow so bright that it was said to brighten the entire world for a few seconds.

After those seconds, which seemed like years, the man disappeared laughing, leaving trails of blood and pieces of armor behind.

A large room, with a kind of altar, a man in religious clothes, in front of 50 other men with similar clothes, raised his golden staff, while saying

-Very well, everyone here lived until today for that day, the day that we will invoke the great Heroes, who will make our wonderful kingdom defeat the demons, and prosper forever!

This man is Pope Ignos, the supreme leader of the church of the goddess Lily, the goddess of benevolence. All the other priests present are high ranking in the church, men who have dedicated their lives to studying and learning sacred magic, all for this moment.

The summoning ritual, something that took decades to study, and consisted of using all the sacred magic of 50 men to invoke beings from another world, beings that would have incredible powers, and their evolution capacity would be 20 times greater than any human of that time. world

This was the first invocation, and it would probably be the only one for centuries, after all, it is necessary to unite 50 priests proficient in high level holy magic, and all of them would lose their powers after the ritual, becoming just normal humans again, so they could not summon dozens of heroes at once

At the back of the room, standing, waiting for the ritual, there was King Leonhart III D. Arcana, his wife, and their 3 children, including two princes and a princess. an important event at the national level in the kingdom of Arcana

Returning to the ritual, the priests all gathered and knelt around the altar, all joined hands and began to pray, to be specific, to cast a spell of holy magic. Their bodies emanated golden light, which was gradually transferred to the altar of another in the center of the room.

Little by little the men and women began to faint, and soon they were helped by the guards to withdraw and rest, until there were none left, and the altar was covered with sacred energy at such high levels, that an attack with all that energy could easily destroy a country or two

The King and his family approached the altar, standing just behind the Pope, who began to recite the last part of the ritual.

-Dilecta mater terra, omnes hanc potestatem tibi offerimus, ut mundos transcendas et nostram afferas salutem... INVOCATIO!

The altar glows, a glow so intense that no one can stop themselves from closing their eyes, and it stays that way for a few seconds, until, when the glow disappears, 5 people are standing there, between the Pope and the altar.

A tall woman with few assets and long blue-black hair, another woman with a ponytail, golden hair and wide front volume, a large man with shaved hair and lots of muscles, another tall man with short brown hair and good looking, and a man with medium black hair, also with a kind of masculine ponytail

The Pope soon kneels, along with the King and his family.

-Please great heroes, help us and save our world...

-HA, but not **ing

Who says this is the man with the black hair

Everyone goes into shock, including the other heroes, in a tense atmosphere, the first to speak is the one with brown hair

-W-wait, whats going on...

-Don act like an idiot- Says the one with black hair- You know exactly what this cliché scenario is, we are heroes invoked to save this world, hi, you old man, isn that right?

-Y-yes, we invoke them…

-In other words, these bastards took us out of our world to save theirs, and they still have the nerve to ask, Im getting the ** out

The black haired man simply ignores everyone towards the exit.

-Please wait! - Shouted the princess...

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