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In this world, its obvious, but theres no such thing as online shopping.

So, when you want to shop for something, you have to go directly to the store.

Well, it seems that some nobles summon merchants to their homes…… but anyhow, I often go shopping and have become quite familiar with the streets near my house.



But today, the atmosphere somehow seemed different.

Its difficult to describe, but it was more restless than usual.

I mean, this place had always been lively, but today seemed a little different.

It feels strange, but then I remembered that Elise-sans store was nearby, so I decided to drop by.

Since Elise-san has a store on this street, she might have some idea of why it strangely feels different.



Gathering my thoughts, I arrived in front of Elise-sans store, just in time for her door to open and Elise-san to appear…… with a blatantly displeased look on her face.



[……Geh, its Human-san…… What timing you arrived.]

[U- Unnn Errr, hello.]

[Yes, yes, hello…… Get out of the way.]

[Ah, yes.]



After she moves me aside with her usual unwelcoming treatment, Elise-san puts a sign on the door of the store.

The sign reads “Temporarily closed today”.



[Ahh, are you going out somewhere If so, I apologize.]

[Its not that Im going out somewhere…… Ahh, fine.

Just get inside the door quickly.]

[Eh Can I come in]

[Youre gonna be in the way if you just stand there.]



I thought about leaving because it sounded like the timing of my visit was quite bad…….

but it seemed like she would still let me in the store.

For the time being, I nodded to Elise-sans words and entered the restaurant.



[Im going to brew some coffee, so just sit down.]

[T- Thank you.]



H- Hmmm, the tone of her voice really sounded unwelcoming, but in reality, that was how I normally interacted with her.

The feelings conveyed by my Sympathy Magic also tell me that she doesnt dislike me.



[So, what is it this time]

[Ahh, no, I was just in the neighborhood, so I thought Id drop by…… Elise-san, errr, since you closed up shop temporarily, you must have something to do, right]

[Well, I guess you could say I have an errand to run.

I had planned to prepare for setting up my own stall this afternoon, so I decided to close temporarily for half a day.]



Elise-san explained as she placed a cup of coffee in front of me.

A stall I remember that she had a stall back at the White God Festival, and since we first met at the Six Kings Festival, she may have set up quite a few stalls like that.



[Heehhh, when you say stall…… Does that mean theres going to be another festival somewhere]

[……What the heck are you saying, Human-san…… That doesnt sound like youre saying a rather boring gag…… Youre seriously saying that]

[Eh Errr……]



Shes looking at me with an outrageously astounded expression on her face! Eh Whats going on

As I was puzzled, Elise-san let out a light sigh and spoke.



[Rather than there being a festival somewhere, you do know that “Symphonia Kingdoms Founding Festival”, right Its gonna be held here, in the royal capital.]

[I- Is that so!]

[……You seriously didnt know about that Ahh, come to think of it, Human-san has just come back from the other world for about 2 years.

The Founding Festival isnt held during the year of the Festival of Heroes, so I guess this would be your first Founding Festival huh.]

[Yes, errr…… I had been thinking the atmosphere in the streets was a little different from usual, but I see, they were preparing for the Founding Festival.]

[Its going to be held at the end of the month.

Even though there are still a few days before its held, everyone is starting to get ready for the festival.]



I see, it was the Founding Festival huh…… I had only heard about them being mentioned in passing, but I didnt know it was coming up soon.

Well, when its going to be held at the end of the month, there are still more than 20 days before it, so perhaps Lilia-san and the others were planning to tell us when it got closer.

However, I guess that means that Elise-san and the others who would be setting up their stalls would need to get ready soon……



[……If you want, why dont you open up your own stall too, Human-san Even commoners can open a stall if they apply for it…… Well, it would be a big mistake to count Human-san as a commoner……]

[A stall of my own huh…… I see, that certainly sounds like fun.]

[……I may have said something unnecessary.

If youre really gonna set up your stall, I hope you will build it somewhere as far away as my stall as possible.

Id like to excuse myself from all your unnecessary ruckus.]



Putting aside Elise-sans harsh words, opening a stall could be interesting.

I could probably make yakisoba or something like that, or perhaps, I could ask someone to help me out and we could work in that stall together.

It kinda reminds me of a Cultural Festival, so it feels like it will be fun.

I dont think I really participated back when I was a student, so Im slightly attracted by the idea of doing this.



Hmmm, maybe I should earnestly think about this……














Demon Realm : [ ! ]

God Realm : [ ! ]

Human Realm : [ ! ]

Symphonia Kingdoms Royal Capital : [……Its over now…… Its the end……]

Symphonia King : [……What is this This chill I just had in my stomach……]


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